Product Videos

The Pocket Joust® Videos

Bringing the Pocket Joust® to market will take some financial help. The costs of making a mold for plastic injection molding is prohibitive for a start-up entrepreneur. Then there's the cost of manufacturing the products themselves along with the packaging and distribution. It's just too much for one person starting a new company to do by themselves.

With your help, I can make this product more than a just a dream! Please visit Indiegogo by clicking on the button and consider becoming a backer of the Pocket Joust®!

Pocket Joust® - Narrated - Explained

This video is narrated and explains briefly what the Pocket Joust® is all about. For a quick overview, check this out.

Pocket Joust® - Exploding Views

This video shows a moving, exploded view of the Pocket Joust®, that labels the key parts within the product. It also shows the poker's retractable feature as well as the lighter being reversible for the user's preference. If you're interested in how it goes together and what the key parts are, check out this video.

Pocket Joust® - Internal Parts Shown

This video shows the inner construction of the Pocket Joust® and slowly fades the parts away to expose the mechanism that holds the lighter, tamper and poker in place. If you'd like to see how it's put together, check this video out.