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A Little Bit About Me & My Start-Up

My name is Allan Symonette and I’m the inventor and developer of the Pocket Joust®. I’ve always looked at a problem as a solution in the making. This is how the Pocket Joust® came to be; solving problems.

Portrait of inventor and owner of Pocket Joust®The Pocket Joust® was originally designed to be a reusable poker that was to solve two problems; one, of always having to find a substitute for your poker and two, to keep the sticky mess off you and your clothes. It eventually morphed into the complete smoker’s tool with three key features, all addressing common problems.

My early prototype I made from molding clay that I slowly baked in an oven. It was to be a gift for my two good friends who were moving out of state. When we saw the benefits that this idea had to offer, we thought it had potential as a problem solving product; the best kind!

Another relevant and related interest of mine has to do with Cannabidiol (CBD) which is just one of over 85 cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant. CBD has a wide scope of benefits. There are clinical reports that show little to no side effects from CBD that are typically associated with marijuana products and high THC. To learn more about this, visit my affiliate site by clicking on the picture below.

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My Inspirational Friends!

They’re not as scary as they look and they were a big inspiration!

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